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David Reyes

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by David Reyes

David Reyes is a devoted and loving Guatemalan, who has always worked as tour guide since 2004. He became a trip leader and worked for several renowned international travel companies such as Coppola’s Resorts, Overseas Adventure Travel and Intrepid Travel.

Because of his knowledge in the in the travel industry David has designed many trips and David run them as well. David has visited over 70 ancient Sacred Sites (archeological centers) and almost every corner of Mesoamerica (Mexico and Central America).

He has been from Guadalajara in Mexico to Coiba in Panama (the largest island in the Pacific out of North and Central America), he has visited Teotihuacan in Mexico as well as El Mirador in Guatemala.

David has met and guided the world in terms of nationalities, all types of adventurers and intrepid travelers, from High-end helicopters rides with Mickey Hart to jungle hikes or food tours. David Reyes is in short words a great Tour Guide/Trip Leader who will kindly take you through your travel experience and make the beast out of it!

Day 1: Arrive at Mexico City’s Benito Juarez International Airport

Day 2: We visit El Zocalo and nearby treasures such as Tenochtitlan (Aztec’s Capital City), Diego Rivera’s wall paintings, Casa de Bellas Artes and more.

Day 3: Let’s take in some of the city’s notable museums, including the renowned Museo Nacional de Antropologia (anthropological museum), which is considered one of the finest in the world.

Day 4: We visit Teotihuacan, about 50 kilometres northeast of Mexico City.

Day 5: Today is a great day to discover Puebla through the eyes of locals.

Day 6: Late in the morning we will head to Oaxaca de Juarez (4 hours’ drive) a beautiful old colonial town.

Day 7: Today we visit Monte Alban just outside the city.

Day 8: Today we will head to the magical town of Coyotepec where we can learn the making of black pottery.

Day 9: After breakfast you will be transfer to the airport.

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