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Sustainable Policy

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Sustainable Policy

All the services we offer and organize are focused on sustainability, while respecting its natural environment, communities and their traditions, trying as much as possible that our staff or use suppliers that are committed to sustainable practices while working with them in the implementation of these, which leads us to improve the quality of the services we are offering.

Environmental friendliness: All of our activities are analyzed and taken in consideration so that the environmental impacts are avoided, mitigated, compensated or reversed, due that the natural environment is very important and it’s complementary to our product and therefore it is indispensable for our daily survival.

Social and Cultural Responsibility: We consider the social and cultural background of the sites and areas of influence in which it operates, so that these can result in a benefit to the local people. The cultural environment is the most charismatic part of our product and therefore, contribute to its conservation is amode of preserve our way of life.

Financial Sustainability: We ensure that our operations generate true venues and profits for the communities you visit, also that the payments to the service providers are fair.


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