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The Mayan world is a unique natural gallery that displays a wide variety of ecosystems, active and dormant volcanoes, rivers, lakes, and, beaches. Along with colorful ethnic diversity becomes a mystic destination of magic and adventure.

Approximately 1.4 million hectares belong to Mayan Biosphere’s reserve, biotopes, National Parks, private reserves and communities commited with the conservation and sustainable projects.

The biological diversity of the region has allowed the destination to become one of the top countries with more variety of natural resources in the world.

Million species reside in their varied ecosystems, several species of birds, mammals like the jaguar, the tapir and a great variety of reptiles and insects.

Our programs of sustainable tourism are developed in the base of our economic, social and environmental policies, supporting the communities within the reserves and ecological projects, becoming an alternative to stop the deterioration of our resources.

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