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Destinations as great as the journeys

Mayan World Travel Destinations

There is no other place where one can sit on top of a thousand years old pyramid while one is surrounded by this much forest, as far as your eye can see nothing but treetops”.

In the land of the Maya one can discover ancient monuments surrounded by lush forest and winding rivers. Carved stones with writings conjuring ancient spells to make rain, secrets just revealed in the last centuries, ancient cities just excavated and road networks from thousands of years ago. However, the Maya culture still thrives in communities and villages in the highlands of Guatemala and Chiapas, with colorful markets and ceremonial sites where rituals are still the norm. Over thirty native languages are still fluently spoken.

This is the Mayan World, a place where the legacy of a present-day Maya culture is still loud and solemn at the same time.

Mayan World Travel Destinations

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