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Authentic Travel Code of Ethics

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  • As Tourism professionals, we are confident and have the obligation to provide objective and accurate information to tourists on locations and on conditions of travel, reception and accommodation.
  • Ensure the full transparency of the contracts we propose to our customers, both concerning the nature, price and quality benefits we are committed to provide.
  • In cooperation with public authorities we will ensure safety, accident prevention, health protection and food safety of those who confirm our services.
  • We will worry about the existence of assistance for any issue or mishap.
  • We’ll contribute with tourist with the cultural and spiritual beliefs and allowed to practice their religious beliefs during their trips.
  • In coordination with National Organizations and appropriate public authorities of the States home, we will ensure the establishment of mechanisms necessary for the repatriation of tourists in case is necessary.
  • Government`s handling alerts in cases of crisis, difficult circumstances, or even the imminent dangers with which they can meet tourists at the time of displacements.
  • Will not give in any way neither sex tourism child exploitation.

We promote when we can and where we should the seven appropriate mechanisms proposed by the Initiative of Sustainable Tourism:

  • Employment of the poor people in Tourism enterprises
  • Providing goods and services to tourism enterprises that employ poor people of companies that hire them.
  • Direct sales of goods and services to visitors for poor people. (informal economy)
  • Donations and volunteer support of tourism enterprises and tourists.
  • Infrastructure investment stimulated by the tourism, it is also benefits the poor local people directly or through support to other sectors


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