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Honduras Tailor-made Vacations and Holidays

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Our Honduras Private tours and vacation packages will take you through the fantastic ruins of Copan, Pico Bonito Nature Reserve that inhabit more than 700 tropical bird species and the bay island with magnificent beaches surrounded by the second largest barrier reef in the planet.

Honduras is the second largest country in Central America, yet it has fewer inhabitants than either Guatemala or El Salvador.

It has the most mountainous territory and is the only one of the five that does not have active volcanoes within its territory.

Honduras is made up of mainly rural areas with several major cities in the different parts of the country.

Tegucigalpa is the biggest and is the capital city, currently with a population that stands at about 1, 500,00.

San Pedro Sula in the North of country has become the industrial capital and has a population of approximately one million, which when added to the populations of Choloma, Villanueva, La Lima and El Progreso, all adjacent to San Pedro Sula and which form the metropolitan Sula Valley area, creates the most populated and fastest growing area in Honduras.

Other important cities are La Ceiba, a port city on the Atlantic coast that has close to 1,500; Comayagua, the old colonial Capital, and Choluteca on the southern part of the country, with a population of about 80,000.

Honduras is one of the 2 (Costa Rica) Central American countries that escaped civil strife during the decade of the eighties and although it has a history of military regimes, it now has had over 30 years civil government, which is elected democratically.

Honduras has the border to west with Guatemala, to the southwest with El Salvador and to the east with Nicaragua. To its north lies the Caribbean Sea and to the south the Pacific Ocean.

The country is divided into 18 departments, including one that is formed by the Bay Islands, English is widely spoken.

Copan Archeological site, Finca Rosa Lila, Los Sapos Canopy Tour, Horseback Riding, Bird Watching, El Jaral Aquapark, Enchanted Wings Butterfly House and Nature Exhibit, Spa Ixchel, La Pintada, The museum of Cows and the Heliconia Farm.

Where To Go


The ancient city of Copan was one of the most important urban centers of the Maya civilization that is famous for its elaborate carvings and hieroglyphics. Highlights of Copan include the hieroglyphic stairway, decorated ball court, and Rosalila temple. Visiting the nearby colonial town of Copan is an especial way of exploring the other side of this majestic archaeological site.

Bay islands

Roatan is the island capital of the bay island department and is only accessible by air or sea and thanks of its international airport this island has direct flight connection to Toronto, Atlanta, Houston, Rome, and Milan.

The bay island is home to the second largest barrier in the world after Australia. In addition to the white sand beaches and turquoise waters, the abundance and variety of marine life are impressive as are the many sporting activities, the park, and museum. The combination of natural beauty and modern infrastructure make an excellent and first-class destination.

The reef of the bay island has according to experts, more than 90% of the animal species identified in the Caribbean, from whale sharks to tiny but colorful fish where divers enjoy the magnificence of this incredible underwater universe.

La Ceiba

La Ceiba is considered as the ecotourism capital in Honduras and serves as a convenient gateway to other tourist destinations along Honduras exotic Caribbean coastline. Several reserves and national park are located in this fantastic natural area such as Pico Bonito National Park, Cuero y Salado Wildlife Refuge, and Cayo Cochinos Marine Reserve among others

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