The Haciendas of Yucatan

The haciendas of Yucatan, Mexico is a sign of luxury, exclusivity, and comfort of the most refined style and care. At the end of 1800, Yucatan lived the Henequen age (sisal), born with it the rise of the haciendas where life turns around this plant. It changed with the invention of synthetic yarns and in mid-1940 the industry fell and thereby the splendor of the famous haciendas. Twentieth-century brings an air of change and the haciendas recover its boom and splendor, now as the perfect destination for discerning visitors arriving in search of harmony for rest, reflection, and meditation, but above all to live authentic experiences in the Maya world of Mexico. The haciendas have converted their old stables, houses machines and old stately stay at properties of peculiar charm, with restaurants of authentic Yucatecan food, swimming pools, spas and luxury and magnificent rooms decorated with delicate details. Its location, quality, and charm make haciendas the perfect space to lodge visitors of the wonders of the Mayan world of Mexico

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