Helicopter Rides Guatemala

Helicopter Rides Guatemala

Helicopter Rides Guatemala

Central America Countries are famous of its beautiful scenic towns, villages, landscapes, volcanoes, beaches and Mayan sites.

Enjoy a wonderful view of all the destinations in our helicopter tours in Guatemala, Belize, Honduras and Yucatan, flying over Colonial cities, natural treasures, Maya pyramids, and the Caribbean Sea are experiences that will take you to another world.

Take a Thrilling helicopter adventure ride above one of the Historic cities or natural wonders, seeing them by air is absolutely breathtaking plus you will also take in the beautiful scenery on route.

Doesn’t matter if you want to have a tour or just being transferred from point A to B will be an amazing experience

Recommended tours and transfers:

  • Tours – Antigua Guatemala City Helicopter tour and landscape (30 minutes)
  • Volcano’s Helicopter Tour – (1.5 hours tour)
  • Semuj Champey Helicopter Tour (Natural pools) (Day trip)
  • Lake Atitlan Tour (Day trip or 1.5 hours sightseeing tour)
  • Pacaya active volcano (1.5 sightseeing tour)
  • El Mirador Ruins site tour ( Day trip)
  • Transfers – Guatemala City – Antigua
  • Antigua Guatemala – Lake Atitlan
  • Guatemala city – Flores, Tikal Peten
  • Antigua Guatemala – Semuj Champey
  • Antigua Guatemala – Copan, Honduras


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