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Archaeology Tours:

Discover the architecture, style and artistic majesty of one of the most important cultures of the planet, The Mayan Culture.

Our archaeology tours are historical and colorful experiences across a fantastic land called The Mayan World, that includes Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, Honduras and South of Mexico.

A colorful region where centuries ago the ancient cultures developed their arts, science, beliefs and rituals.

The remains of this city are surrounded by a lush tropical forest that together with the wildlife that inhabit, and the Maya temples become in a perfect destination full of magic and mysticism.

The descendant of this enigmatic culture, are a multicolored palette of races, the heritors of its customs, cosmovision, traditions and religion, that now are important ingredients of our archaeology and cultural tours.

tikal word heritage private

Guatemala World Heritage Sites Tour14 Days


Belize Archaeological

Belize Archaeological Expedition12 Days


yucatan archaeological site

Yucatan Archaeological Adventure11 Days


Honeymoon in Tikal

Guatemala Luxury Tour Operator & DMC

Authentic Travel is a Guatemala Tailor Made Tour Operator and Destination Management Company specialized in Culture, Archaeology, Nature and Adventure tours, in Guatemala, Belize, Honduras and Yucatan.

Authentic private tours and travel services, family vacation packages, specialty tours, day tours, logistics, transportation, Incentive programs and Guatemala luxury tours.

What makes us different is that we are based in Guatemala and Belize, and we are always working on the search of new activities, locations and hotels, that help us to ensure to provide the up most service for our clients.

Our competitive team consists of passionate and experienced people that collectively offer more than 20 years of field experience creating unique and personalized top quality tailor made tour packages and luxury holidays.

We love what we do and always look forward to face new challenges bringing our personal knowledge, enthusiasm and commitment to sustainability to make every trip a unique and lifetime experience.

Please feel free to start planning your own unique and authentic Guatemala Travel Package.





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